About Dr. Bellard

Dr. Brad Bellard is a non-surgical sports medicine physician. He helps athletes and active individuals with joint pain, return to their sport and lifestyle activities, by using cutting-edge treatment options that promote fast recovery while avoiding the burden of surgery.

Dr. Bellard specifically focuses on helping 2 distinct types of injury that prevent athletes & active individuals from performing at their best:

  1. Tendinitis (i.e. rotator cuff, tennis & golfer’s elbow, Hip, knee, foot/ankle tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis) Dr. Bellard helps to resolve chronic tendon pain and return his patients to their optimal physical activity through minimally invasive procedures (percutaneous tenotomy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and bone marrow concentrate (BMAC stem cells) that provides surgical results with a fraction of the recovery time and burden of surgery.
  2. Arthritis (i.e. degenerative cartilage wear and tear of a joint). Coupled with physical therapy and recovery treatment options, Dr. Bellard helps to resolve the pain and limiting physical function from arthritis by using biologic treatments (i.e. platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Aspirate concentrate (BMAC) stem cells) and avoid the of risk of steroid injections and/or surgery.

Dr. Bellard has a history of taking care of elite athletes. He has served as team physician for multiple professional teams, including his prior role as assistant team physician for the Dallas Mavericks. He also serves as a consultant for multiple agents and professional athletes for second opinions regarding their medical care.

Dr. Bellard’s goal is to see athletes and active individuals perform at their best. He has a passion to help his patients optimize their performance because he too is very active and understands what it’s like to suffer from injury that slows you down. Therefore, he has a vested interest to see you improve, because he feels as though he’s treating himself. Whether you are an elite professional, recreational athlete, weekend warrior, or individual looking to maintain an active lifestyle…Dr. Bellard is here to help you go from pain to peak performance!

Medical Education

  • Board Certified Non-Surgical Sports Medicine Fellowship Trained Physician, Texas Sports Medicine
  • Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine (Platelet-Rich Plasma & Stem Cell) Specialist
  • Tenex percutaneous tenotomy physician