Lipogems Procedure Overview

The Lipogems procedure is a next generation regenerative medicine treatment designed to use adipose stem cells for the repair, reconstruction and/or replacement of injured tissue. Fat within the body, also known as adipose tissue, contains numerous cells that enhance healing in the body when an injury occurs. Adipose tissue has been studied extensively in the literature and has an innate healing potential. Serving the communities of Dallas, Frisco and Fort Worth, Texas, Texas Sports Medicine offers this treatment option for patients suffering from a joint injury that limits daily functioning and athletic activities.

What are Adipose Stem Cells?

Adipose stem cells are found in the body’s fat and offer an abundant source for the repair and regeneration of acute and chronically damaged tissues. These stem cells can be harvested in high numbers, compared to bone marrow, by using a FDA cleared device that removes fat (adipose tissue) from the patient’s flank, abdomen or thigh.

Adipose stem cells are well-suited to enhance healing within the body when an injury occurs. These cells have been shown to minimize the complications associated with certain allografts (donor tissue) and are genetically stable for long-term treatment.

What is the Lipogems Procedure?

The Lipogems procedure is an innovative adipose tissue technology that is designed to harvest, concentrate and transfer a patient’s very own adipose-derived stem cells in order to accelerate healing and regenerate damaged tissue.  The fat is collected from your midsection or “love handle” area.

Lipogems is gaining popularity as a nonoperative alternative as well as an adjunct to surgery to promote healing and enhance the body’s reparative and regenerative potential. Research has shown that regardless of a patient’s age, the adipose stem cells maintain their reparative function and have a higher concentration of stem cells than found within the bone marrow. This is a key benefit for patients over the age of 60 years when stem cell concentrations begin to decline.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

The Lipogems procedure is ideal for certain patients, including:

  • Those with a…
    • Soft tissue defect in a tendon, ligament, muscle, or cartilage injury
    • Joint injury that limits daily functioning and/or athletic activities
    • Failure of other treatment options such as physical therapy, NSAIDs and steroid injections
    • Desire to prolong, avoid an operative treatment, or augment the healing and recovery after a surgery

How do I Know if the Lipogems Procedure is Right for Me?

A physician at Texas Sports Medicine will perform a thorough medical review and physical examination to determine if a patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure. Lipogems is not recommended for those with an allergy to lidocaine, have had a cortisone injection in the treatment area in the past three months or those who are currently or will be breastfeeding. Certain patients with a current systematic infection, an autoimmune disease or a hematologic abnormality may not be candidates for adipose stem cell technology.

How is Lipogems Performed?

Under light sedation, a patient’s adipose tissue is harvested, usually from the abdomen, with the use of an FDA cleared device through a tiny incision. The fat tissue is then thoroughly washed to remove the inflammatory oils and blood and resized into smaller clusters. The clustered adipose stem cells are then injected directly into the damaged tissue to accelerate healing and regenerate tissue.

What Can I Expect?

Patients can expect a minimal amount of soreness, swelling, redness and/or pain in the injection area. A physician may recommend compression clothing be worn for a few days following the procedure.

After the Lipogems Procedure


  • Do not take steroids following the procedure
  • Do not engage in strenuous activity for 1-2 weeks


  • Do take pain medications as directed
  • Do use ice and cold compresses to reduce swelling
  • Do wear a compression garment, if prescribed, for a few days
  • Do contact your physician if you notice severe redness, soreness, swelling or an allergic reaction develop

For additional resources on adipose stem cells, or to determine if you are a candidate for the Lipogems procedure, please contact the Dallas, Frisco and Fort Worth, Texas area office of Texas Sports Medicine.